AMBEO for Virtual Reality
Immersive Audio by Sennheiser

A make-or-break deal for immersive experiences

There is probably no other application with a more obvious need for three-dimensional spatial sound than Virtual Reality and 360 degree videos: In order to maximize the immersive experience the audio must also be spatial. No matter whether you are producing immersive content for VR goggles, web browser, Youtube 360, Facebook 360 or for gaming. Sennheiser's AMBEO solutions enable you to capture the full spherical sound and post-production for dynamic playback by proposing a workflow that keeps end-users at the center of the experience.

An end-to-end production suite

Learn about "Certified for Sennheiser AMBEO" - a seal of quality established for 3D content creators working with the AMBEO VR Mic. We collaborated with trusted partner brands in the industry to ensure seamless workflows and full interoperability for your spatial productions.


The AMBEO Blueprints provide a quick guide to recording and mixing live music to deliver a 3D audio experience on headphones or loudspeakers. Producing immersive content is a new and growing craft. Fueled by years of experiments and learning by Sennheiser, the AMBEO Blueprints are encouraging all sound practitioners to create immersive live music experiences and deliver full emotional impact to musicians and listeners alike.

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